Portfolio of paintings

Wirksworth Landscape2 Oil on Canvas, 1m x1m
Wirksworth Landscape1 Oil on canvas 1m x 1m
Studio at Haarlem Artspace, Wirksworth -work in progress 2019 onwards.
Acrylic and watercolour study. Wirksworth Landscape.
Leeds Pigeon Lofts, photographed in situ, 2mx2m. oil on canvas
Acrylic on paper, Maiden Castle Dreaming. 33cms x33cms
Foreground, Intaglio and oil paint, Studies for Cave Paintings , 36cms x28cms. – in location, studio

Oil on paper, Black shed and Dog Star h63cms x 48cms
Staithes with Jurrassic objects; ink and gouache
Staithes. watercolour h68cms x w90cms
Mixed media, watercolour Jardin des Plantes h91cms xw45cms

Oil and collage on paper. Conversation
Oil on canvas Stand series. h1m x 45cms

Whitby Dreaming, watercolour

Wirksworth washing

oil on canvas, 1mtr x 1mtr